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The Municipal District of Ballybay – Clones.
The main changes affecting County Monaghan arising from the re-structuring of local government is the abolition of the five Town Councils and the establishment of three new Municipal Districts. These changes come into operation from the 1st June, 2014. As and from this date Local Government will be operated by a single administration structure and [...]
Clones Play Ground
Here are the Proposed plans for the improvement works being carried out in Cara Street with parking, excercise area and access to the future marina .  These plans are subject to final budgets. Let us know what you think please leave a comment by clicking on this link.     Open Playground pdf Open Street [...]
  • The Municipal District of Ballybay – Clones.
  • Clones Play Ground



The latest developments and approaches in mental health recovery and wellness will be featured at the National Conference on Recovery
on World Mental Health Day, October 10th 2013, hosted by Solas Drop-In Centre at the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan.

“Over the recent few years, much has been written on the importance of implementing holistic mental health prevention, early identification, recovery and wellness strategies,” said John Murphy, Chairman of Solas Drop-In Centre, Monaghan. “The fact is many approaches and services are being used successfully across the country. This conference will focus on recovery and will feature leaders who are putting these approaches into practice, creating awareness and transforming mental health care and services”  Programs and Strategies that will be featured at the conference include, Shane Martin, Reg. Psychologist Ps.S.I.,, who will discuss the client-centred approach of teaching self-help psychology to empower people to enhance the quality of their lives such as in recovery. Shane is a leading psychologist within the area of education. His Moodwatchers programme has been adapted to reach teachers and children in hundreds of primary and secondary schools nationwide. Paul Baker is an internationally renowned community development and group worker in mental health based in England. He has special interest in working with groups of people to empower them to help themselves to recover and overcome difficulties. He has a strong commitment to networking internationally the development of dynamic and decisive mental health services.
Aine Wilson, I.A.A.A.C, is a counsellor who specialises in addiction recovery. She will be discussing the correlation between alcohol and substance abuse and suicide, and the means of recovery from same. Martina Mc Kenna, R.G.N.  R.N.M.H., is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and will outline how CBT is an invaluable component in the recovery process which empowers the individual on their journey of mental health improvement.
Liz Wall, is the National President of the Irish Country Women’s Association whose Monaghan Federation has kindly donated to the running costs of this conference. The Irish Countrywomen’s Association is a women’s organisation with almost 11,000 members and has a very long tradition of making a difference in women’s lives. Fun, friendship and support are at the foundations of everything that they do, including to make women’s voices heard on the issues of the day such as recovery. The conference will also feature renowned cross-cultural documentarian and stand-up comedian Kevin McAleer, representatives from the national Cycle Against Suicide campaign and real life narratives from service users within Solas Drop-In Centre and from Mary Cadden who will speak as a representative of carers and family members The Solas Drop-in Centre, based in Monaghan, was established in 2001 as a direct response to the needs of people with mental health problems living the Monaghan area, who, on discharge from the mental health services, identified social exclusion as being one of the major barriers they have to face. The Solas Drop-in Centre represents the social needs of mental health service users in the area. Solas is a drop-in centre which is a user led, user run facility for those with mental health problems to provide them with a social outlet. Recovery is generally seen in this approach as a personal journey rather than a set outcome, and one that may involve developing hope, a secure base and sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and meaning. The vision for Solas was to provide a listening ear service and a peer support service in Monaghan for mental health difficulties. We set out to provide an inclusive supportive with the emphasis on Recovery. Our objective has been achieved and to date we have won many awards, such as being described as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ by the Mental Health Commission. This process can co-exist and complement psychiatric medication and is a conducive element in mental health treatment such as being a referral for psychiatrists.
If you would like to contact Solas Drop-In Centre directly please call 047 72930 or visit us at
The National Conference on Recovery is being funded by the National Lottery and the Monaghan Federation of the Irish Country Women’s Association. To register now please go to the following web link and download the form or contact Hilda 086 2451077.

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