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The Municipal District of Ballybay – Clones.
The main changes affecting County Monaghan arising from the re-structuring of local government is the abolition of the five Town Councils and the establishment of three new Municipal Districts. These changes come into operation from the 1st June, 2014. As and from this date Local Government will be operated by a single administration structure and [...]
Clones Play Ground
Here are the Proposed plans for the improvement works being carried out in Cara Street with parking, excercise area and access to the future marina .  These plans are subject to final budgets. Let us know what you think please leave a comment by clicking on this link.     Open Playground pdf Open Street [...]
  • The Municipal District of Ballybay – Clones.
  • Clones Play Ground
Contact Clones Town Council Joint Policing Committees

Joint Policing Committees

 About Joint Policing Committees

Legal Basis

Section 35 of An Garda Síochána Act 2005 provides for the establishment of JPCs in each Local Authority Area. In Co. Monaghan, there are six LA areas: Monaghan County Council, Monaghan Town Council, Carrickmacross Town Council, Castleblayney Town Council, Clones Town Council and Ballybay Town Council.

Why JPC’s?

  • To provide a forum where a local authority and the senior Garda officers responsibility for the policing of that area, with the participation of Oireachtas members and community interests, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the area.
  • “…with the minimum of formality to identify, raise awareness of and find solutions for issues impacting on, or causing concerns for, the local community.”
  • “…an opportunity to contribute to the improved safety and quality of life of the community.”
  • “As a result of the work of the JPC’s, decisions which are made by any of the interests represented on the JPC should be better informed ones as a result of the discussion of local needs & circumstances.”

Aim of JPC’s

To ensure that society’s policing needs are effectively met and safe and secure communities maintained.

What are the functions of JPCs?

  • To serve as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on policing and crime issues within Local Authority administrative areas
  • To review levels and patterns of crime and related underlying factors
  • To establish and coordinate Local Policing Fora
  • To meet twice yearly (minimum)
  • To run annual public meetings

Purpose of the JPC

The purpose of the JPC is to serve as a forum for consultation, discussion and recommendation on matters affecting the policing of a Local Authority by:

  1.  Keeping under review: levels & patterns of crime, disorder & anti-social behaviour in that area (including the patterns and levels of alcohol & drug misuse) factors underlying & contributing to the levels of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour in the area.
  2. Advising the Local Authority and the Gardaí on how best they might perform their functions having regard to the need to do everything feasible to improve the safety and quality of life and to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour within the area.
  3. Arranging & hosting public meetings concerning matters affecting the policing of the Local Authority’s administrative area.
  4. Establishing in consultation with the local Garda Superintendent local policing forums.
  5.  Co-ordinating the activities of local policing fora

Matters for consideration by the JPC

The matters to be considered by committees & subcommittees might include traffic, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, underage drinking, casual trading, litter, planning for events attracting large crowds, community-based crime prevention initiatives, Garda Divisional and District annual policing plans and Local Authority initiatives.


Membership is drawn from the following organisations:

  • Gardai:  The Chief Superintendent in Monaghan Garda Station is responsible for appointing Garda reps to all 5 JPC’s
  • Elected Members: All town Councillors are automatically on the JPC. For County Council representation, Members are selected by each of the parties, with care to provide a spread of interests, areas and political beliefs
  • Community Reps:  Monaghan Community Forum facilitates a nomination process for community reps
  • Members of Oireachtas: All Members of the Oireachtas are entitled to sit on the JPC’s

Minutes of Meetings


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